Best answer: How often should MTB Forks be serviced?

How often do you service MTB forks?

Some forks require servicing every 20 hours. *EVERY 30 HOURS OF RIDING: Your fork should be disassembled, inspected, cleaned and re-grease. If the fork appears to be relatively clean, you can go 40 hours between servicing. If the fork appears excessively dirty you should service it every 20 hours.

How do I know if my forks need servicing?

Some indicators for basic bath oil/seal service = leaking around seals, excessive oily dirt goo build up on top of seals that reappears on every ride, visible wear on stanchions(by that time it’s too late).

How much does it cost to service a MTB fork?

For full service on the fork, about $100; this includes a basic inspection, an oil replacement, foam ring and dust wiper replacement (as necessary), seal and air spring inspection, damper rebuilding or replacement, and cleaning other parts.

How long do mountain bike forks last?

How Long Do Mountain Bike Shocks Last? You should expect the bike shocks to at least last 5 years of moderate use or 3+ years of heavy use. With regular maintenance and serving.

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How often should I service fork?

How & When To Service or Tune Your Mountain Bike

Frequency Service
Every 3-5 Rides 4. Check bolt tensions.
Every 3-6 Months 1. Service fork lowers.
2. Bleed hydraulic brakes.
3. Thouroughly clean drivetrain.

Do MTB Forks wear out?

They can wear over time without you knowing that it’s happening unless you pay close attention to them when washing your bike. What are stanchions? For those who don’t know stanchions are the smooth tubes connected to your fork crown.

When should front suspension forks be serviced?

Forks need regular periodic maintenance. We recommend cleaning and lubrication refills (lower leg service) every 25 riding hours, and a full service (strip down, seal replacement and full oil change) every 200 hours. The more frequent lower leg service can be carried out at home, by the experience home mechanic.

How much is a fork service?

Our Prices

28/30/32mm forks £105
Fork travel change from £44
Monarch £105
Deluxe £110
Monarch Plus £105

How much do shops charge for fork seals?

Approximate Total Cost: $50 – $200 + 3-6 Hours of work

If your relatively handy and feel up to the task of replacing your own fork seals than this is what you would be looking to spend in both time and parts cost. All prices will depend on what kind of motorcycle and forks you have.

How much is a FOX fork service?

$190 USD / $220 CAD*

Thorough inspection of fork for damage and/or wear. Complete tear down and rebuild of damper, including new seals and oil. New dust wipers and foam rings.

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