Frequent question: What’s the difference between a time trial and triathlon bike?

Bike fit. Generally, on TT bikes, aerodynamics reigns over comfort. In a time trial, a cyclist wants to go as fast as possible, even if that means contorting their bodies a bit. … On a tri bike, arms are usually farther apart in the aero bars on a tri bike, and the seat tube is usually farther forward.

Are time trial bike the same as a triathlon bike?

By design, triathlon bikes are made to go the distance. … In contrast, time trial riders get off the bike completely spent. Their bikes are designed for only one thing—speed. As such, triathlon bikes favor a more relaxed position and a lighter frame than time trial bikes.

Do you need a time trial bike for triathlon?

At this point there’s virtually no question. You will need a triathlon bike. … Select the right time trial bike based on fit (not gimmicky selling points like hidden rear brakes) and find the perfect balance between aerodynamic position and power transfer.

How much difference does a time trial bike make?

The 50kph speed of the second test equates to a 50-minute 25 mile time trial. That’s six minutes faster than my best ever performance. However, Pringle points out that we don’t ride at an ‘average’ speed.

Watch: how much faster is a time trial bike, really?

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Bike/position Watt saving vs baseline
TTE time trial bike, at 50kph 21 vs AIR with clip ons

What is time trial triathlon?

Time trial bikes and triathlon bikes are designed to be as aerodynamic as possible, in a bid to minimise drag and make you as fast as possible. … Being an event where rider and machine alone are pitted against the clock, cyclists have always looked to maximise aerodynamics in order to go as fast as possible.

Can I use a TT bike as a road bike?

You can’t use it in road or crit races and they’re frowned on in Sportives. Less safe in traffic too cos of the more head down position. Realistically, even at club level it doesn’t make much difference to times, I’ve seen plenty of people on £4000 TT bikes put in slower times than guys on regular road bikes.

Why do tri bikes look different?

How They’re Different. The most notable difference is the design, or geometry of the frame of each bike. Triathlon bikes have a steeper angle of the seat. Seats on a road bike are positioned at, on average, 78 degrees while the angle on a triathlon bike is closer to 72 degrees.

How much faster will a tri bike make me?

In general you will see a 1.5 mph – 2 mph boost in speed between a TT and a road bike… assuming the rider is using regular shorts, jersey and helmet along with no aero wheels. Most of that is due to the differing rider position (i.e. more aero).

Why are TT bikes so much faster?

There are 2 reasons why a tri/TT bike is faster: #1 aerobars, #2 aero wheels. Roadbikes can use aero wheels. A disk wheel is the only faster wheel that a tri/TT bike might have compared to wheels that roadbikes might commonly have today. … But a disk can be used on a roadbike, too.

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Is a time trial bike worth it?

When comparing the average and normalised power of both athletes we can definitively say we have an answer to our question – forgoing a severe lack of bike skills or huge gusting winds, yes it is worth riding a TT bike in a non-draft race and although we at JT Multisport specialise in finding every free watt possible …

Why are tri bikes heavier?

A triathlon bike is heavier than a road bike by 2- 4 lbs or 1 to 2 kg. The reason is that the aim is to make a triathlon bike more aerodynamic rather than lightweight as it is in road bikes. The triathlon bikes come with bigger aerofoils and bigger frames than the road bike.

How much faster is a triathlon bike vs road bike?

The BikeRadar website claims the advantage a TT bike gives you is 60-70 watts at 40 km/h, that is, it takes 270-280 watts to ride a road bike at that speed and 220 watts to ride a TT bike. Translated into seconds, a TT bike gives you 9 seconds per kilometre advantage. This is six minutes in a 40 km time trial.

Why are time trial bikes not allowed?

Triathlon events and Time Trials are competed against the clock in which drafting other riders is forbidden. Aerobars allow an individual to maintain an aerodynamic position.

What bikes do pro triathletes ride?

Orbea Ordu

The Ordu is used by professional triathletes as well as road racers who require a UCI-legal TT bike. In the progression of today’s top triathlon bikes, aerodynamics, weight, and stiffness have always been a focus for improved performance. However, gains in one category often result in compromises in others.

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