Is a yz125 a good beginner bike?

The overall best dirt bike for beginners is the Yamaha YZ125 with its old-school configuration and performance that makes it ideal for any size of rider.

Is a 125cc dirt bike good for beginners?

Is a 125cc dirt bike good for beginners? It depends on what kind of 125cc dirt bike you’re considering. A 125 two-stroke is not good for beginners, but a 125 four-stroke is a great trail bike if you’re new to riding.

Is the YZ125 a good trail bike?

The riding public can’t get its collective head wrapped around the fact that a 125 is a great trail bike—not just for kids, but for everyone. The weight and handling make the rider feel like Superman. They have their limitations, certainly. Hill-climbing is the biggest.

Is a 125 two-stroke a good beginner bike?

a 125 is OK for a real newbie, but within a few months, as you gain skill, it will feel underpowered. A weight limit for a 250 could be more like 200lbs. You’ll likely fall down a bit when you start out (maybe a lot) but you just have to go slowly at first, and not get too throttle happy.

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Whats the best year for a YZ125?

A: If you are a diehard two-stroke rider, read no further. The truth is that while we loved the 2005 YZ125 and considered it to be the best 125 two-stroke ever made at the time, it wasn’t going to displace the 2005 Yamaha YZ250F in the minds of American motocrossers.

Is a 125cc dirt bike worth it?

When it comes to dirt bikes, 125 ccs is deemed an excellent option for both beginners and experienced riders. These bikes are easier to manage for newbies because most new riders transition from an 85-90cc bike to a bigger engine.

Is a 125cc A 2 stroke?

A new 125cc reed-valve-inducted two-stroke engine produces better acceleration and improved mid-to high-rpm power.

How much is a YZ125 worth?


Suggested List Price Low Retail
Base Price $6,499 $4,715
Options (Add)
Total Price $6,499 $4,715

What age is a YZ125 for?

The YZ125 is great if you’re a teenager progressing to a full size motocross bike. You’ll really enjoy riding the YZ125 if you’re an adult of any age that wants to rip around on a small-bore 2 stroke.

How fast is a YZ125?

The Yamaha YZ125 top speed is nearly 70 mph that also gives it an excellent top-end grunt. This motocrosser comes with a fully adjustable suspension at both ends. The YZ125 gets a KYB USD fork that offers wheel travel of 1.8 inches and at the rear, it gets a KYB single shock that offers wheel travel of 12.2 inches.

What is better for a beginner 2-stroke or 4 stroke?

While a 2-stroke will never offer the torque of a 4-stroke, they come close enough for most weekend riders. Not only that, but they’re lighter and tend to be easier to handle, which makes them great for beginners. In addition, 2-stroke bikes require less maintenance than most 4-strokes, saving you time and money.

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Can adults ride 125 2-stroke?

Dirt Bikes For Adults

An inexperienced adult who is on the shorter and lighter side could possibly find themselves sitting comfortably on a 125cc dirt bike such as a Honda CRF 125F. … If you’re over 6 foot 200-plus pounds, and a highly experienced rider then a 450cc dirt bike is the way to go for you.

Are 2 strokes good for beginners?

2 strokes come in a wide range of sizes and on a wide range of bikes ranging from small low performance models to large high performance models and everything in between. A 2 stroke certainly can be a good beginner bike.

How heavy is a YZ125?

The YZ250F has a slight horsepower advantage. The YZ125 has a 124 cc (7.6 cu in) reed valve-inducted two-stroke engine.

Yamaha YZ125.

Manufacturer Yamaha
Weight 86 kg (190 lb) (dry) 94 kg (208 lb) (wet)
Fuel capacity 7.9 l; 1.7 imp gal (2.1 US gal)
Related Yamaha YZ250F

What’s better CR125 or YZ125?

The powerband of the CR125 is not so user-friendly. … On the other hand, with the wider powerband of YZ125, it’s much easier to keep your speed up. Here, the Yamaha has a clear advantage in terms of ride-ability. A beginner rider may have difficulty staying in that powerband without working hard and focussing.