What is a bicycle seat stay?

The seat stay connects the seat tube to the rear dropout. Most bike frames use two parallel tubes that connect above the rear wheel. This is also the spot on the frame where the rear brake caliper is attached.

Where are the seat stays on a bike?

The rim is connected to the hub of the wheel via spokes. Y – Seat stays: Seat stays run diagonally down the rear of a bicycle frame and connect the seat tube to the chainstays/rear dropouts.

What is a seat stay mount?

Use these Seat Stay Mounts if your bicycle frame doesn’t have eyelets above the brakes on the seat stays for mounting a rear rack. These stainless steel mounts attach to the upper struts of your rear rack. The Tubus Seat Stay Mounts include 2 long stainless steel brackets that are bent around the seat stays.

What is dropped seat stay?

Bikes designed to be comfortable yet fast, stiff and light. Bike designers point towards a smaller rear triangle, achieved by dropping the seat stays further down the seat tube, as a way of increasing comfort. When the saddle is pushed down, it flexes the seat post and this, in turn, tries to bend the seat tube.

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What are floating seat stays?

The floating seatstays are a key piece to the new frame, they are made of a low modulus carbon that dampens vibrations. Instead of sending the vibrations to the seatpost they are delivered to the top tube for an impressive reduction of trail noise and an improved ride quality.

What is chain stay?

What is chainstay length? The distance from the center of the bottom bracket to the center of the rear wheel axle. This measurement is taken from the side view of the bike, ignoring the z-axis such that the width of the axle or bottom bracket does not come into play.

What is a bike cassette?

The cassette on your bicycle can be found on the rear wheel and is a cluster of sprockets that are a part of the drivetrain. They slide onto the freehub, the ratchet system that controls the drive of your bicycle when you pedal, and can have anything from 5 to 12 ‘speeds’.

Where is the seat tube on a bike?

ST: Seat Tube: Measured from the center of the bottom bracket along the center to a point near the seat post binder. The exact location of this point may vary between manufacturers depending on the frame design.

What is a headset on a bike?

Your bike’s headset is the bearing assembly that keeps your fork attached to your bicycle, and it’s what allows you to turn your fork and handlebars to steer your bicycle. … The steerer tube protrudes out past the upper head tube and is clamped down and held in place by the handlebar stem.

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Why is Composite better for bike frames?

CONTINUOUS FIBER TECHNOLOGY: This manufacturing process allows Giant to construct the front triangle of Advanced SL bicycles* with larger, and therefore fewer, sections of composite material. With fewer pieces and junctions, the frames are up to 100 grams lighter and significantly stronger.

Are aluminium bike frames good?

The downside for aluminium is that it can produce a slightly harsh ride quality – though some riders appreciate this. Though easy to dent, it’s unlikely to fail completely – making it a good choice for road and criterium racers. Good aluminium can last a lifetime – but it is open to fatigue and corrosion.