Can you fit two motorcycles in a 5×8 trailer?

What size trailer do I need for 2 motorcycles?

Trailer size for two motorcycles

Generally, the trailer should have a minimum width of 6 feet to comfortably carry two motorcycles. However, if your bikes are bigger, the width may be too tight. For instance, two full-sized cruisers may require a 7-foot wide trailer, particularly when it comes to the enclosed trailers.

How many motorcycles fit on a 5×8 trailer?

Using a 5×8 utility trailer to haul 3 bikes.

Will a 5×8 trailer hold a motorcycle?

I have a 5×8 enclosed trailer with 6″ inside height and a ramp door. It works well for me because 90% of the time I am just hauling my KTM. I have hauled two bikes easily. If I had to do it over, I would buy a 6×10.

Can you fit two motorcycles on a 4×8 trailer?

Just get two wheel chocks and figure a good place on the trailer for each, both bikes front wheel in first, once you get it put together. Not a big deal.

Can you fit 2 motorcycles in a 6×10 trailer?

I would consider a 6′ x 10′ as a minimum for two bikes. If you like to carry stuff too, the Haulmark Low Hauler is 6′ x 12′ and pretty slick. It’s got a cool transition area between the folding door and the tie down areas to make loading your bike even easier.

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Can you fit 2 motorcycles in a Uhaul trailer?

purchase 2 of them and you can put one bike in forwards, the other in backwards and you should be good to go.. I would still try to use some tie-down straps to stop the bikes moving sideways (when cornering with the trailer) but you should be able to make it work.

What can a 5X8 trailer hold?

The 5×8 enclosed trailer can hold a queen-size bed and tow up to 1,800 lbs! All cargo trailer rentals have a soft ride, rub rails, multiple tie-downs and lockable doors to protect your belongings.


  • Volume: up to 208 cu. ft.
  • Max load: 1,800 lbs.
  • Gross vehicle weight: 2,700 lbs. max.
  • Empty weight: 900 lbs.

What can fit on a 5X8 utility trailer?

5 ft. x 8 ft. cargo trailer: Fits furnishings for a basic studio apartment: a loveseat couch, chairs, a kitchen table, a twin bed, etc.

Will an ATV fit in a 5×8 enclosed trailer?

The short answer is that you can fit many single ATVs in a 4 x 6 foot trailer, although a 5 x 8 foot trailer will fit any single ATV much more comfortably. … You also need to take into account any large racks or other accessories you may have on your ATV, or potentially want to purchase later.

Can a motorcycle fit in a 4×8 trailer?

You should be ok, but it will be tight. Be wise to measure the width of your heritage. I would probably mount a wheel chock in it to hold the bike up to strap it down. Not going to be a whole lot of room up inside a 4×8 enclosed to move around.

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Can you transport a motorcycle in a Uhaul trailer?

All you need to safely tie down a motorcycle are four ratchet tie down straps (not included in your trailer rental) and a helper. Before you begin loading the motorcycle onto the trailer, you’ll need to verify that the towing vehicle has the towing capacity required to tow the trailer of your choice with a motorcycle.

How many motorcycles fit in a 7×14 trailer?

To fit four smaller bikes (or three of varying sizes), we’d recommend a 7×14 trailer. Enclosed trailers of this size often feature inbuilt chocks and racks, making it easy to fit all the bikes.

How much do motorcycle trailers weigh?

Motorcycle Trailer Weight

Unloaded, a motorcycle trailer may weigh 300 to 800 pounds with an average weight of 500 pounds. They are commonly rated for a maximum trailer weight of 1,300 to 3,500 pounds, making their average load capacity just under 2,000 pounds.

How long are motorcycle trailers?

Many enclosed trailers are built to accommodate one or two motorcycles of varying sizes, ceiling heights, and aerodynamics to save on fuel economy. Today, 12 to 20-foot by 6 to 9-foot dimensions are common.