Frequent question: How should a passenger lean when riding a motorcycle?

Instead of leaning forward, you should lean back towards the bike’s backrest. If you don’t have a backrest, you can put your feet on the foot pedals to help you stabilize yourself and your weight, without having to rely on the driver. For turns, you should try not to fight them.

Should a motorcycle passenger lean with you?

A motorcycle passenger should maintain a neutral body position when the motorcycle leans into a turn. The passenger should not try to stay upright nor lean into the corner. Instead, stay aligned with the rider’s body and follow the natural motion of the motorcycle.

Should a pillion lean?

Pillions should lean with the rider but this shouldn’t be excessive. If you lean too far, the added weight of two riders leaning over may result in you hitting the tarmac. The same goes for underleaning. This could prevent the bike from making its turn as the weight is mismatched.

How do you practice riding a motorcycle with a passenger?

Tell your passenger to get on and off on the left-hand side, to ensure they don’t burn themselves on the muffler. When your passenger is getting on, keep the bike as upright as possible, bracing it on each side with your legs, and do the same when they’re getting off.

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Should a motorcycle passenger wear gloves?

You should wear gloves while riding a motorcycle because your hands are exposed to the apparent wind, weather conditions, and possible projectiles. A pair of leather gloves will suffice if you do not have motorcycle gloves. Of course, during inclement winter weather, you might prefer a glove that provides extra warmth.

When should you ride with a passenger?

With a passenger, you should travel a bit more slowly than you normally would, start slowing sooner than you normally would, and increase your following distance. Always warn your passenger of any special conditions ahead.

What should you adjust when carrying a pillion passenger?

Explanation: When carrying a passenger or other extra weight, you may need to make adjustments, particularly to the rear shock absorber(s), tyre pressures and headlight alignment.

What should a pillion passenger do when cornering?

Turning. In a turn you should tell your pillion passenger to lean in the same direction as you. The rider and passenger’s weight influence how the bike corners. If the pillion passenger stays upright it will make the bike much more difficult to turn.

How do you balance a bike with pillion?

To keep the balance, ask your pillion rider to keep their feet on the footpegs before stopping your bike. Your bike can tip over if you both put your foot down, and can lead to imbalance.

How do two people ride on a motorcycle?

To ride a bike with two people, have one person sit behind the other with their rear on the seat, and their feet on the rear axles. In order to take off, the front person should put their foot on the pedal and gently push off. Remember to keep the bike as straight as possible, or takeoff will be nearly impossible.

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