Frequent question: Who won Motocross of Nations 2019?

France went into the event as the defending champions after taking their sixth title in 2018. However, it was The Netherlands who took victory in front of their home fans which marked the first Dutch win in the 73-year history of the event.

Who won Motocross of Nations?

Team Italy’s Antonio Cairoli, Mattia Guadagnini and Alessandro Lupino made history on home soil, to take a hard-fought victory and be crowned the champions of the 74th edition of the Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations.

OVERALL (Top 10)

1. Italy (37)
10. Denmark (84)

When was the last time USA won MX of Nations?

Winning their first in 1948 and their last in 2013 the Belgian team have won 15 times. Of course after the Belgium era of domination came the might of Team USA, as the American took the event by storm in 1981 and in the last 31 years have won 22 times.

Which country has the most MXoN wins?

The Americans have won half of the last 31 MXoN events, since 1988, with Belgium winning six, France five, Italy two and Great Britain and Germany one each. In moto wins, American riders have won 31 motos at the MXoN in the last 31 years, Belgium have 17 moto wins, and France have 13.

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Who won Motocross of Nations 2018?

The Netherlands and Italy put up a massive fight, but they couldn’t conquer the reigning MXoN Champion – Team France. This was France’s fifth-straight MXoN win. Under muddy conditions, France claimed the victory ahead of Italy and The Netherlands.

Who won 2021 Motocross of Nations?

Motocross des Nations winners

Year Location Winning riders
2021 Mantova Antonio Cairoli / Alessandro Lupino / Mattia Guadagnini
2020 Ernée Cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
2019 Assen Jeffrey Herlings / Calvin Vlaanderen / Glenn Coldenhoff
2018 Red Bud Gautier Paulin / Dylan Ferrandis / Jordi Tixier

Who won MX of Nations 2021?

In a dramatic finale after two days of MXoN racing, Tony Cairoli and Team Italy celebrated winning the 2021 Motocross of Nations on home soil in Mantova today. The first time Italy has won the prestigious Chamberlain Trophy in 19 years.

When was the first motocross?

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