How many Harley Davidson dealerships are in the US?

The corporate recognition evaluates the more than 700 Harley-Davidson dealerships across the country in 12 categories, including customer service, motorcycle sales, service competency and operating margins, to decide the year’s best performing location.

How many dealers does Harley-Davidson?

We have more than 1,400 independently owned Harley-Davidson® dealerships in nearly 100 countries.

Where is the biggest Harley-Davidson dealership in the United States?

Welcome to Harley-Davidson® of Scottsdale

At 150,000 square feet, Harley-Davidson® of Scottsdale is the world’s largest Harley® dealership and is designed with the customer experience in mind.

Who owns the most Harley-Davidson dealerships?

Principal Michael Veracka, along with his brother, Paul Veracka, and father, David Veracka, have been in the Harley-Davidson business since 2003, owning and operating 13 of the largest dealerships in the country.

How many Harley dealerships are in Florida?

35 Florida Harley-Davidson Dealers.

What state sells the most Harley Davidsons?

Wrapping up the 50 top states

Rank State # Bikes
1 South Dakota 69,284
2 New Hampshire 79,266
3 Iowa 173,929
4 Wisconsin 317,276
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Where are Harley-Davidson factories?

Harley-Davidson manufactures its motorcycles at factories in York, Pennsylvania; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Manaus, Brazil; Bawal, India; and Pluak Daeng, Thailand.

What is the largest Harley-Davidson dealership in the world?

His Destination Daytona dealership in Florida is a 150-acre resort for bikers, complete with hotels, condominiums, restaurants, stores, and of course the world’s largest Harley dealership. It opened in 2005.

How many motorcycle dealers are in the US?

The US motorcycle dealer industry includes about 7,000 establishments (single-location companies and units of multi-location companies) with combined annual revenue of about $30 billion.

Who owns Harley-Davidson of Scottsdale?

Harley-Davidson of Scottsdale is one of three motorcycle dealerships owned by billionaire GoDaddy founder Bob Parsons. That includes Go AZ Motorcycles in Scottsdale, with nine brands, and Southern Thunder Harley-Davidson in Southaven, Miss.

Who is Matt Laidlaw?

Laidlaw’s H-D is now one of the oldest and largest Harley-Davidson Dealers in California. After being brought up around motorcycles and working at the dealership off-and-on his whole life, Matt has settled into selling Harley-Davidson motorcycles full time for the last 11 years.

What is the best selling motorcycle in the US?

The bestselling motorcycle of all time is the Honda Super Cub, with over a hundred million motorcycles sold to date. The scooter-like model had one of the best marketing campaigns in history and is advertised as perfect for busy streets in large towns due to its compact size, practicality, and impeccable functionality.

Who owns Rockstar Harley Davidson?

Rockstar Harley-Davidson is owned by by Paul Veracka. In addition to Rockstar Harley-Davidson, Paul Veracka owns some of the top motorcycle dealerships in the country, including: High Octane Harley-Davidson in Billerica, MA.

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How many Harley dealers are in Ohio?

37 Ohio Harley Davidson Dealers.

Who owns warhorse Harley Davidson?

RideNow Powersports Acquires War Horse Harley-Davidson in Ocala, Florida from Steven Lamb. Steven Lamb, President of Crystal Auto Group, sells War Horse Harley-Davidson of Ocala, Florida to RideNow Powersports, the largest privately-owned motorcycle dealership group in the United States.