Is Harley Davidson discontinuing the breakout?

Likewise, the base-model Low Rider didn’t make the cut for 2021, leaving just the upspec S model to soldier on in that niche, while the FXDR 114, Breakout 114, and Deluxe models were dropped outright from the 2021 Softail lineup.

What bikes are Harley discontinuing in 2021?

Harley-Davidson Street 500 and 750 Are Getting the Axe

The cancellation of these two models leaves the Iron 883 Sportster as the cheapest model in the Harley-Davidson lineup. However, not all is lost, as Harley-Davidson is releasing a parallel-twin bike called the 338R to replace the Street 750 and 500 models.

What was the last year for the Harley-Davidson Breakout?

2018 – 2020 Harley-Davidson Breakout.

What models is Harley discontinuing?

Several months ago, Harley-Davidson announced plans to reduce its model lineup by 30% as part of its Rewire and Hardwire business strategies.

Sporster and Street:

  • Forty-Eight 2010-2021.
  • Iron 1200 2018-2021.
  • Iron 883 2009-2021.
  • Roadster 2016-2020.
  • Street 500 2015-2021.
  • Street 750 2015-2020.
  • Street Rod 2017-2020.
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Is there a 2021 Harley breakout?

Introducing the 2021 Harley-Davidson Breakout 114…

The Breakout® 114 model takes long, lean muscle to the modern edge with the Milwaukee-Eight® 114 engine that stands out like a flexing bicep. It sends massive torque to the 240mm rear tire. There are custom details from fender to fender.

Is Harley-Davidson going to survive?

Somehow, the motorcycle giant managed to survive and came out the other end better than ever. As the company moves in a new direction, it recently announced a new 2021 product lineup. The company is enjoying newfound success amidst ongoing difficult times.

What month do the 2022 Harleys come out?

As mentioned, Harley-Davidson will be releasing new models and the CVO lineup on January 26 with the theme of “Further. Faster.” You can register to watch that reveal at

What year did Harley-Davidson Breakout come out?


Model Engine Years
Blackline 2011–2013
Softail Slim 103 cu in (1,690 cc) 2012–
Breakout 103 cu in (1,690 cc) 2013–
FXDRS FXDR 114 cu in (1,870 cc) 2019–2020

How fast does a Harley breakout go?

lbs) @ 3000 RPM . With this drive-train, the Harley-Davidson Softail Breakout 114 is capable of reaching a maximum top speed of .

Harley-Davidson Softail Breakout 114 Engine and Transmission Technical Data
Maximum torque 155.00 Nm (15.8 kgf-m or 114.3 ft.lbs) @ 3000 RPM
Engine Maximum RPM

How fast is the Harley breakout?

According to my research, Harley-Davidson’s can reach an average speed of 108 mph. The fastest Harley FXDR 114 can reach up to 160mph with the average time taken to reach 0-60 is 2.5 sec.

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Will there be a 2022 Sportster?

Harley-Davidson continues to offer its new rider-friendly Iron 883 Sportster. One of the most popular cruisers in this category, the Iron 883 returns for 2022 with three new colorways: White Sand Pearl, Gunship Gray, and Black Denim. … That’s the good news.

Will there be a 2021 Harley Sportster?

In short, it’s a hell of a good time. The styling takes inspiration from the legendary XR750 flat track bike, the modern Fat Bob and others. The final look is hyper-aggressive but not as polarizing as you might expect. The Sportster S will be available in fall 2021 with a starting price of $14,999.

Is Harley-Davidson Fat Bob discontinued?

Harley Davidson will be discontinuing the Street Bob, the Heritage Classic, the Deluxe and the Fat Bob because of the upcoming BS6 emission norms. … Harley Davidson India has plans of bringing the Fat Bob back but it will only arrive next year, with the larger Milwaukee-Eight 114 ci engine powering it.

How much does a 2021 Harley-Davidson Breakout cost?

Low Rider: $14,899 MSRP. Breakout® : $20,499 MSRP. Softail Slim®: $15,999 MSRP. Low Rider® S: $17,999 MSRP.

Does Harley-Davidson still make the deluxe?

A Route 66 ride. Nothing says Route 66 more than a cruiser with whitewalled tires and valanced fenders. The 2020 Harley-Davidson Deluxe is a cruiser that delivers classic Americana with a top-shelf Harley-Davidson feel.

2020 Harley-Davidson Deluxe Claimed Specifications.

Price: $18,399
Claimed Wet Weight: 697 lb.

Why did Harley stop making the Springer?

It IS a good looking bike, but the springer handling characteristics, weight and performance are no match for the hydraulic front forks. Hence the hydraulics being introduced in 1953, and the springer phased out. A springer fork just doesn’t have the damping capabilities of a hydraulic fork.

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