Is one of the Hairy Bikers ill?

Which hairy biker is poorly?

Si King health: Hairy Biker left ‘proper poorly’ after ‘shock’ brain haemorrhage.

Who is Dave Myers wife?

Si King, 55, has returned to screens in the latest season of The Hairy Bikers Go North and fans were excited to pick up some new culinary tips. He has presented a number of cookery series over the years and launched an online weight loss programme, called The Hairy Bikers Diet Club.

Do Hairy Bikers put weight back on?

The pair have recently gone on diets again after bulking up while filming their Route 66 TV show, which saw them embark on a 2,000-mile journey along the famous American road. “That is what we do now,” Si told Mail Online this week. “We get on the scales and encourage other middle-aged fat blokes to do the same.

Is Si King in a relationship?

Sunday Brunch: Si King apologises after swearing

He was with his wife Jane for 27 years but revealed their relationship is now “in pieces” after the pressures of fame took its toll on their marriage. The 54-year-old revealed the pair “lost each other” as they focused on different priorities in their life.

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How old is Si King?

In a 2019 interview with The Mirror, Si further revealed: “We get married in 2021 and I’ll be commuting from Australia for work, so that’ll be interesting. It’s been a long-distance relationship for a very long time now so we’ll be seeing a lot more of each other.”

Is Si King a trained chef?

According to The Hairy Bikers website, the pair are “Big-hearted, down-to-earth cooks with a love of good food, they have been cooking together for more than twenty years. … Therefore, it’s unlikely that Dave and Si are professionally trained chefs but are best described as experienced cooks.

Are the Hairy Bikers married to each other?

Are the Hairy Bikers married? Yes, the Hairy Bikers have both been married. Dave Myers is still married to second wife Liliana Orzac, whilst Si King is divorced and recently split from his Australian fiancée.

Who is the Hairy Bikers married to?

Dave said: “I always lose weight by cutting all the carbs out. I just calorie count and knock the booze on the head and then watch the scales to see the weight come off.” Si says that getting on the scales is what motivates him: “We get on the scales and encourage other middle-aged blokes to do the same,” he explained.

Did The Hairy Bikers keep off the weight?

The Hairy Bikers diet overhaul is one of the most impressive TV star weight loss stories ever. … Both men began making changes to their diet and upping their exercise routines, leading to an overall weight loss of around three and a half stone apiece.

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Is Dave Myers diabetic?

There’s also a foreword by Hairy Biker, Dave Myers, who explains: “When I met Roy in 2012, I had type 2 diabetes – and he showed me another way. Now my blood sugars are normal and my diabetes is a thing of the past.”