Where are Rokon motorcycles made?

Is Rokon still in business?

Rokon is an American motorcycle marque and they’re one of the country’s most enduring low-volume vehicle producers – they’ve been in business since the late 1950s and they’re still going strong today.

Are Rokons any good?

All jokes aside, this pokey AWD motorcycle is pretty much bombproof and is as simple as a lawnmower. The Trail-Breaker’s lightweight, wide tires, high ground clearance [14inch], and AWD traction make it pretty formidable in some of the toughest off-road conditions imaginable.

How much does a Rokon motorcycle cost?

A new 2021 Rokon Mototractor retails for $8,775. Used ones are harder to find and don’t cost much less; they start at about $7,000.

How much is a Rokon?


Engine: Kohler, single cylinder, four stroke, fan cooled
Grade Capability: 60 percent
Warranty: 12-Month Limited Warranty
Colors: Olive Drab, Forest Green, Black, Yellow, Red, Orange
Price: $7,350

Where are Rokons made?

Rokon (motorcycle manufacturer)

Type Private
Industry Motorcycle
Founded 1958
Headquarters Rochester, New Hampshire , US
Key people Orla Larsen Charlie Fehn

Are there any 2WD motorcycles?

The Yamaha 2-Trac is a limited-production competition rally bike that boasts the world’s first production 2WD motorcycle system. … The 2-Trac’s hydraulic accumulator is an automated system that ensures the power supply to the front wheel is reduced as soon as the rear wheel regains full traction.

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How much can a Rokon tow?

Powerful – Full time front and rear wheel drive with superior torque mean you can tow up to 2,000 lbs. Climb – Climb a 60% grade. Rokons have climbed mountains from the Rockies of Colorado to the Andes of Chile. With a ground clearance of 15 inches, the Trail-Breaker can go up and over any terrain.

How do you shift a Rokon?

STOP THE VEHICLE BEFORE SHIFTING. Shift only at low idle or when the engine is off. Feel the gears into engagement, rocking the bike, if necessary, to synchronize the gears. The shift pattern is from inside out: 3-N-2-N-Low.

How far can a Rokon go?

The wheels are actually hollow, and let the Rokon Trail-Breaker float somewhat. But they can also be filled with water or gasoline. Each has a 2.5-gallon capacity, potentially increasing the bike’s range from 200 miles to 600 miles.

Are Rokon bikes street legal?

The redesigned Ranger takes the classic Rokon power and torque on the road in this dual sport model Rokon. With additional components and DOT approved tires, the Ranger can be registered for road use in all 50 states.

How many cc is a Rokon?

The Rokon has no suspension. Power comes from a minuscule, 136-cc single-cylinder two-stroke engine that’s air-cooled. A single, tiny disc brake operates on the front wheel. Of course, it also has giant tires, along with racks that could carry enough to move a family of four across town.

What is trail braking on a motorcycle?

Trail braking is a riding technique where the brakes are used beyond the normal entrance to a turn (turn-in), then are gradually released (trailed off). … Traditionally, trail braking is done exclusively with the front brake even though trailing the rear brake will effectively slow the motorcycle.

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