You asked: How do I adjust my motorcycle suspension?

Start by turning the knob as far as it will naturally go clockwise. Then, once you’ve reached the end, turn it counterclockwise to the other end, counting clicks as you go. Once you have that number, you want to set the knob to the center.

How do you adjust the front fork suspension on a motorcycle?

Set sag on front forks

To measure this, put the bike in a chock or have a mate hold it steady. Use a cable-tie, compress the forks, let them settle and push the cable tie up to the outer dust seal. Get off, and take the weight off the front so the forks are fully extended. The sag is the distance it’s travelled.

How do I make my rear shocks softer?

The compression adjuster is located on the shock reservoir. When you turn the screw clockwise, you make the damping harder (or slower or heavier). Turn the screw counter-clockwise and the damping will get softer (or faster or lighter). Before you ride your bike, set the compression clicker on a base number.

What is preload on a bike?

Preload: This adjuster bears down on the shock or fork spring and shortens or extends the spring accordingly. … Preload is used to adjust the shock or spring to the correct range of operation within the suspension’s travel-more preload will raise the bike up on its suspension, keeping you near the top of its travel.

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Should your feet touch the ground on a motorcycle?

When you are sitting on the saddle, you should be able to touch the ground with your tiptoes, but you shouldn’t be able to put your feet flat on the ground. … If you do find that your feet are flat on the ground, then your saddle is too low, and it will need to be raised.

Which bike is best for 5.5 height?

Best Low Height Bike Models

  • Hero Splendor Plus. 63,856 | Street | 97.2 cc. …
  • Honda Livo. 72,510 | Street | 109.51 cc. …
  • Bajaj Pulsar 150. 99,003 | Street | 149.5 cc. …
  • Suzuki Intruder 150. 1,28,697 | Cruisers | 155 cc. …
  • Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220. 1,31,151 | Cruisers | 220 cc. …
  • TVS Apache RTR 160. …
  • KTM 200 Duke.